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Introduction of the three core technologies of the highway fence network

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The construction of highway fences has become a powerful guarantee for road construction and protection of citizens' travel.
The construction of highway fences has become a powerful guarantee for road construction and protection of citizens' travel. The general road fence construction has quite strict procedures, and each procedure is about the progress of the entire construction. It is a long-term project to ensure the correct construction of the highway fence network. It is very important for every construction team.
At some specific road construction sites, technicians should reasonably choose the fence reinforcement site according to the characteristics of the on-the-road roads. It is necessary not only to reinforce the fence network, but also to be aesthetically pleasing, anti-corrosive and durable, and to ensure normal use in the future. About the three major technologies in the construction of highway fences, let me introduce you to the following.
Technology 1: Strictly follow the construction drawings
For the construction of the fence net, clear construction drawings are required. First, the center line is defined from the side ditch on both sides of the road to ensure the accuracy of the road use area. Then the position of the column is determined on the center line, and at each pile position. Set the mark on it. Only a clear and simple analysis of the highway fence network drawings can promote the follow-up progress.
Technology 2: Highway fence mesh bracket
After the road fence network site is completed in the early stage, the next step is the fence column and bracket. The pits should be dug on both sides of the road. The depth is below the plane size depth. Don't be too shallow. First connect the mesh with the column on the ground ( The connecting bolts cannot be tightened). After the connection is completed, the position of each pit is erected. Make sure the bracket is secure.
Technology 3: Highway fence mesh anti-corrosion
The last point is also the most important aspect of the use of the fence. To ensure the long-term and stable use of the highway fence, it is necessary to solve the anti-corrosion. Through simple peripheral application and spraying, it can ensure the normal use of the highway fence products. In the course of use, we must also pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance to ensure long-term use of highway fence products.
In general, highway fence products are not only safe and convenient, but also need to start from the aspects of basic terrain, material characteristics, installation technology, etc., and focus on the road fence mesh anti-corrosion. , in time to find technical staff to solve, then in the future can be used for a long time, stable.