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Introduction to the characteristics and purchasing skills of the breeding fence

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The farm fence network is also known as the farm-specific construction net.
The farm fence network is also known as the farm-specific construction net. It can be used in cattle and sheep and other livestock, and can replace other common construction nets. Regarding the characteristics of the specific farm fence network, and how to purchase, we will also introduce you specifically here.
1. What is the farm fence?
It is a common model wholesale construction net, which is made of solid and stable steel wire and galvanized steel wire weaving. It has a similar place with the hook-and-woven mesh we have seen. The difference is that the bottom column is assembled with screws. a fixed way. The farm guardrail has a certain anti-corrosion effect as a whole, and is a more important equipment substance in the current use and wholesale.
Main features:
1. The product has anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, high elasticity, impact resistance, large bearing capacity and long service life.
2. Excellent use in mountainous areas, multiple bends and complex landforms, and strong adaptability;
3, metal structure anti-corrosion effect, spray plastic dipping process, can promote the development of fence network faster
Second, how to buy
The choice of suitable farm fences is mainly based on the degree of appearance and the basic price. For today's sales season (every summer from July to September is the peak season for fence sales), there are more and more custom-made custom fences. How much money the farm fence network will be about our selection, nowadays, in terms of wholesale utilization, more from the demand side, choose the right products, specifically:
1. Discretionary size, stereotyped quantitative wholesale use fence network;
2, more choices of galvanized steel, or cold drawn steel wire weaving (toughness and the degree of solidity are based on certain performance.)
3. Learn more about the larger farm fence manufacturers.
The scientific and effective use of metal isolation nets, the focus is from the perspective of wholesale utilization, including production and construction, model materials, focus on the significant value of the fence network, to help and achieve higher development of the farm fence network.